Rhythm, Stress, Intonation, and Tone

Rhythm, stress, intonation, and tone are difficult to generalize, as they can vary by generation, gender, geographical location within Gyeongsang-do, and other factors. Still, these aspects of the dialect are critical to understanding Busanians. There seems to be a consensus on the following two points:

1. Busan Korean is faster, and it uses abbreviations more liberally than Seoul Korean. Examples:

가려고하는가 봐7 갈라는갑다5
뭐라고 해야되지?7뭐라야되노?5
어떻게 그럴수가 있니?9압.1
내버려 둬.4냅도.2
그러네 보니까.6그렇네 보이.4

2. Busanians modulate their voices more, giving the impression that they are more emotional, or more aggressive, than Seoulites. Here are two examples:

Seoul: 어디 가?
Busan: 어데 가노?

Seoul: 왜 이렇게 늦게 왔어?
Busan: 와이리 늦게 왔노?