Listening Exercises

1. 그래 한번 볼게.
Sure, I’ll take a look.

2. 먹어 보 맛있.
It’s delicious if you try it.

3. 그니까 실내로 가야지 바보야 애를 덮어 씨아 갖고 나가갖고 (나쁜 공기는) 만 마시고.
That’s why you need to stay indoors, dummy, and cover the baby when you go outside so only you breathe the air.

4. 유모차 태워갈 거 아닌데 뭐 실내로 가면 되지 그냥.
You’re not gonna put him in the stroller anyways, so just stay indoors.

5. 그럼 바보 보고 바보라지. 그 뭐라하겠노?
Of course, when I see an idiot, I call them an idiot. What should I say?

6. 여보 우리 라온이 볼때기 살이 더 진 것 같지?
Honey, Laon’s cheeks look chubbier, don’t they?

7. 느그 어디 가는데?
Where are you all going?

8. 즈그끼리 할 이야기 있단다.
She says they have something to discuss between them.

9. 라온아 너의 엄마 또 어디 갔노?
Laon, where’d your mom run off to again?

10. 여기는 배 나오나 이런 거를 직접적으로 말하지 않고 뭐 ‘beer belly’라든지 ‘love handle’이라든지 막 이런식으로 미화에서 표현을 하는데 우리는 ‘똥 쌌다’고 똥배란다 아이가.
Here, if your stomach sticks out or something, they don’t say it directly. Instead it’s called a “beer belly” or a “love handle”, or they use other expressions to glamorize it. We just call it a “place for the poop”.

11. 근데 그 모델을 좀 찍어서 보내 될까?
Well, can you take a picture of the model and send it to me?

12. 심하게 박았구만.
She bumped into it pretty hard, seems like.

13. 저기도 저거 빨간 모쿠로 붙어야 되나?
Do I need to put that red edge padding there too?
(모쿠, from 모서리 쿠션)

14. 우리 약 발라야 되나?
Do we need to apply medicine?

15. 바디 수트 안 입을란다고.
She’s saying she’s not gonna wear the body suit.

16. 아이고 안 먹는데매! 저게 안 먹는거가?
Oh my goodness, you said she’s not eating! You call that not eating?

17. 기침을 계속 하드마는 열도 좀 나기 다시 시작하는 거야.
She kept coughing, and then she started to have a bit of a fever again.

18. 그드마는 갑자기 ‘으엑 으엑’ 이래갖고 내가 안고 이렇게 두드갖고 한테 다 토하고.
So then all of a sudden she’s like “bleck!”, and I picked her up and patted her like this, and then she puked all over me.

19. 안 그래도 어제 피자를 먹는데 조금 걱정 되드라고.
Actually when she was eating pizza yesterday, I did get a little worried.

20. 가 피자를 하도 맛있게 잘 먹기에 그냥 줬는데.
Since she was eating the pizza well, I just gave it to her.

21. 먹을 때 많이 주라이.
When she’s eating, give her plenty.

22. 그래요?
Why is she doing that?

23. 걔가 뭘 만들기를 하고 있는데 걔보고 좀 도와 달라 거야.
The kid was doing some crafts, and he asked the kid to help him.

24. 거기 가서 그 남편이랑 랑 커피 한 잔 하는 동안 는 잘 잤어.
We went there, and while hubby and I were having coffee she had a good nap.

25. 그리고 애들이 다 좀 크드라고 막 뛰 다니고
And the kids, they were all pretty big and just running around…

26. 물 좀 먹이세요, 물.
Feed her some water please, water.

27. 좀 잘랑가 싶어서.
It seems like she might sleep a little.

28. 안 자겠구만 그래 먹는거 보이.
She won’t sleep, from the looks of how she’s eating.

29. 그랬드만 뭐라고 하는 줄 아나? ‘진짜 좋겠다’ 하면서 마누라랑 둘이 다 없으 얼마나 좋겠.
And then you know what he said? “That would be great,” he said, if his wife and two kids were gone, “How great would that be?”

30. 어제 느그 마누라 예쁘드나?
Was your wife pretty yesterday?

31. 얘 키워 달라 돼잖아.
You can just ask her to take care of the kid.

32. 비가 오기 시작을 해갖고, 비가 와도 와도 억수같이 오는거야. 근데다 초행길이잖아 T-map을 해 갔는데 T-map이게 있잖아.
So it starts raining, right, and the rain keeps pouring and pouring down. And we’re going there for the first time, you know, so we followed T-map. You know, we have the T-map system.

33. 엄마가 보여주면 그럼 한테 내 보여 달라 할데.
If you show her, then she’ll keep asking to see your phone all the time.