Pickin’ on the Penguin: Set of 11 songs


Sheet music bundle for 11 Pororo songs, in Standard and TAB notation. PDF format, 11 pages.



The “Pickin’ on the Penguin” set includes sheet music (in Standard and Guitar TAB notation) for the following 11 songs:

  1. 뽀로로 3기, 4기, 5기 오프닝 주제 (Pororo opening theme, seasons 3-5)
  2. 새근 새근 코
  3. 꼭 꼭 숨어라
  4. 개구쟁이
  5. 착한 어린이
  6. 꼭 꼭 꼭
  7. 무지개
  8. 일어날 시간이야
  9. 피노키오
  10. 윙윙윙
  11. 예쁜 아기 곰

All songs are in PDF format. Total 11 pages.